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Best Tea Cup Brands in India – Comprehensive Guide with list (2022)

Most of our mornings start with either a cup of tea or coffee and I am not the exception for that. Tea or Coffee makes our day refreshing apart from daily walking, exercises, yoga, and meditation. Me, I prefer to drink tea over coffee and always feel the sip of it when it is contained in a beautifully crafted/designed cup. If you believe it or not, many people including me prefer to drink tea or coffee in a good-looking cup and few of them use branded tea cups. In this article, I would like to share with you the best tea cup brands in India if you are in search of the best tea cups to buy online.

But before going into the tea cup brands or manufacturers, let us first discuss different things you need to look for before buying a tea cup online.

Factors to be considered while choosing a tea cup

Tea Cups Quality

Definitely quality is what every one of us looks for when we want to buy any product either online or offline. So obviously the branded products mostly have good quality otherwise it may spoil their reputation.

Tea Cups Design

Most of you may be wondering why we need a designed tea cup just to sip the tea and forget about it for that moment. It’s not true in my point of view because, as said earlier we drink tea early in the morning and it is one of the first things we do and watch. So the more beautiful and attractive the tea cup design, the more soothing for our eyes. Once the eyes and brain get a soothing feel, our day begins on a positive note.

Are Tea Cups Giftable?

Another thing that surprises some of you is why we need to check if the tea cup is suitable as a gift item. Yes, as I am from south India and I have seen many marriages and functions, most of the attendees presenting gifts consist of branded cookware and dinnerware.

Tea Cups Material

Material is another important thing you need to consider while choosing the best tea cup for your drinkware. There are several types of tea cups available in the market. Some of them are made of materials like plastic, glass, ceramic, stainless steel, paper, Bone China, Porcelain, and so on. I love to have ceramic tea cups as my personal preference but bone china tea cups are also popular nowadays.

Branded Tea Cups Pricing

Some of you might not think that pricing is not that of an issue if you are going for a branded product. But for me, I love to check the best product in a more budget-friendly price range. This is how you get a quality product with a good brand and a great price. You need to compare all the top products from different brands and check for the best fit for your needs.

So without further delay, let us dive into the best tea cup brands that are available in the Indian market as of today. I have well researched on the internet plus have taken the opinions of my friends and colleagues to derive from this top 10 tea cup brands list.

10 Best Tea Cup Brands in India (2021)

1) Clay Craft

Although there are many bigger brands on this list, I am going with Clay Craft as the top brand in making tea cups. If you can check the best-selling cups and mugs category on the Amazon India website, 4 out of the top 6 cups and mug sets are from Clay Craft only. The price range of all the top 5 cup sets from Clay Craft ranges from Rs. 150 to Rs.900 which is budget-friendly with good quality.

Things we like about the Clay Craft Tea Cups

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwaveable
  • Multiple ranges of products
  • Budget-friendly

Here are the top 5 cup or mug sets from Clay Craft:

  1. Clay Craft Master MW Bone China Coffee Mug Set, 150ml, Set of 6, Multicolour6 Pcs. Coffee Mugs- (CM-MASTER-MW-J051)
  2. Clay Craft Cane Small Carpet Bone China Milk Mug, 350 ml, Multicolour (MM-CANESMALL-S301)
  3. Clay Craft Director Hilton 389 Bone China Coffee Mug Set, Set of 6, Multicolour -(Size:220ml/6.6cm)- (CM-Director-Hilton-389)
  4. Clay Craft – Masala Chai, Coffee / Milk Mug, 390ml/8.4cm (1 piece)
  5. Clay Craft Hugo Carpet Bone China Milk Mug, 400 ml, Multicolour (MM-HUGO-H301)

2) Borosil

Borosil has a reputation for manufacturing some of the best in the industry products when it comes to Kitchen appliances, Cookware, and Dinnerware. Some of their products are seen in the top 5 best sellers in almost every category of Indian Kitchen and cookware. The price range of their cups and mugs is Rs. 500 to Rs.1000. You can buy their products from major e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.,

Here is the best tea cup I have opted for from the Borosil brand with the name larah.

Things we like about the Borosil Tea Cups

  • High-Quality Products
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwaveable
  • Customer Care
  • Top brand in the Kitchen department

Here is our best pick of tea cup set from the Borosil brand.

Larah by BOROSIL Opalware Cup And Saucer – 12 Pieces

Larah by BOROSIL Opalware Cup And Saucer

  • Lightweight
  • Toughened glass
  • 100% hygienic
  • Safe to use
  • Sturdy build

3) Femora

Femora is another good brand in India that produces good quality products in the kitchen, cookware, and dinnerware sector. The tea, coffee, and milk cups from femora are among the top 5 best-selling products in the kitchen department. For this article’s purpose, I have picked the following product from its wide range of cups and saucer sets. The price range of Femora products is from Rs.500 to Rs.2000 and you can easily buy them through Amazon and Flipkart.

  • Renowned brand
  • Quality products
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Value for money
  • 1 Year door step warranty
  • Hand made designs

Femora Indian Ceramic Fine Bone China Handmade Ocean Blue Design Tea Cup Coffee Cup – 6 Pcs,160 ML – Small Serving



Femora Indian Ceramic Fine Bone China Handmade Multicolor Design Tea Cup Coffee Cup

  • Stylish handmade design
  • Visually appealing
  • Highly durable and chip resistant
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Cadmium and Lead-free

4) LaOpala

LaOpala is another largest manufacturers of Dinnerware and tableware in India. LaOpala is best known for its standards around the globe. They are well known for producing which are of the highest quality and finest products.

  • Bone ash-free products
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave friendly
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Consumer-friendly products

LaOpala Glass Cup And Saucer – 6 Pieces, White

LaOpala Glass Cup And Saucer - 6 Pieces

  • Beautifully designed
  • Top class brand
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwaveable
  • Opalware glass material

5) FnP CL

Ferns and Petals Company Ltd (FnP CL) is one of the renowned e-commerce gift sites that produce and sell innovative products. All their products are of premium quality and world-class technology services. Ferns and Petals is India’s Biggest Gifting Solutions Provider with flowers, gifts, cakes, and weddings being the core verticals.

  • Can be used in microwaves and ovens
  • Convenient to Use with Temperature Resistance
  • High-quality Ceramic material
  • Can be used in freezers or refrigerators
  • FnP Ceramic Cups don’t include any Animal products and are completely boneless

FnP CL Ceramic Tea and Coffee Cup – 6 Pieces, Glossy Golden, 120 ml

FnP CL Ceramic Tea and Coffee Cup - 6 Pieces, Glossy Golden, 120 ml

  • Ceramic material
  • Glossy finish Designer Cups
  • Cup set consists of 6 pieces. 120 ml each 7 x 7cm
  • Microwave / Freezer / Dishwasher safe
  • Ideal for both tea and coffee

6) TREO by Milton

Hamilton Housewares Pvt Ltd is another top brand in India which is a leader in the homeware segment and with award-winning products. Some of the brands of Hamilton are Milton, Treo, Claro, and Spotzero. Treo produces some of the top glassware products like teacups, Jars, Mugs, and kitchen storage items. Milton is known for making some of the best in the industry products in the homeware category. Milton is a 60-year-old brand and you can easily expect the quality of products and services you can get from them.

Treo by Milton Nora Tea Mug Set of 6, 185 ml

Treo by Milton Nora Tea Mug Set of 6

  • Premium quality designer Tea Mug set
  • Exceptional value  for money and a great gift option for any occasion
  • Perfect for serving any drink (tea, coffee, milk, etc.,)
  • Perfect for home use as well as on any occasion
  • Treo glass tea mugs are 100% food safe
  • Transparent colour and made of glass material
  • The package consists of 6 – A piece Nora Mug (185 ml Each)

7)  Cello

Cello is another well-known brand in India that is a specialist in producing high-quality Kitchen and dining products. The products, especially teacups, are made with German technology. Cello brand is also one of the leading exporters of household consumer products. Cello is one of the oldest brands in India serving for more than 60 years providing a wide range of products.

List of Cello brand products:

  • Water Bottles
  • Storage Containers & Jars
  • Tiffins & Lunch Carriers
  • Glassware
  • Copper Series
  • Steel Flasks & Jars
  • Opal Dinnerware
  • Opal Hot Drinks
  • Melamine Dinnerware
  • Melmoware
  • Plastic  & Ceramic Dinnerware
  • Gym & Sports Bottles
  • Insulated Hot Pots
  • Jugs & Dispensers
  • Chillers & Coolers
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Home Appliances
  • Gift sets

Cello Imperial Opalware Bella Cup 160 ML and Saucer Set, 12-Pieces

Cello Imperial Opalware Bella Cup 160 ML and Saucer Set

  • Advanced German technology as per European standards (Made in India)
  • Hygienic for your family & Bacteria free-non porous
  • 100 % pure vegetarian – made of green material & bone ash-free
  • Thermal resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Microwave & Dishwasher safe
  • Recyclable, fully tempered & easy to clean
  • 100 % hygienic
  • Lightweight with a smooth surface
  • Vibrant designs

8) ExclusiveLane

ExclusiveLane is one of the underestimated handicraft teacup brands in India which produces high-quality cups for tea, coffee, or milk. The ExclusiveLane brand manufactures different handicraft products apart from teacups. ExclusiveLane was established in 2012 and is focused mainly on handicraft products made by artisans from several parts of India. So they take the utmost care in maintaining the quality of their products.

  • Handmade or Handicraft products
  • Indian tradition and culture designed teacups and products
  • Affordably priced products
  • Made in India
  • 100% hygienic products
  • At par with the industry standards quality

ExclusiveLane Warli Handpainted Terracotta Clay Kullad Tea Cups Set & Coffee Kullad Cups Chai Kulhads Cup Set (220 ML, Set of 4, Brown)

ExclusiveLane Warli Handpainted Terracotta Clay Kullad Tea Cups Set & Coffee Kullad Cups Chai Kulhads Cup Set

  • Lead-free but the kullads are not microwaving safe and dishwasher safe
  • Perfect for serving beverages like tea, milk & coffee
  • Terracotta material & Warli Hand Painting
  • There might be a slight color or design variation as this product is made of handcraft but it makes the product look unique

9) Kittens

Kittens brand is not as big a brand when compared to the above brands but the products it offers are amazing. Kittens brand offers various designs and handmade or hand-painted products.

KITTENS Hand Painted Large Ceramic 275ml Coffee Mug (Blue) – Set of 6

  • High-quality Ceramic material
  • Hand Painted Design and finish
  • 6 Coffee/Tea Mugs
  • Microwave / Freezer safe
  • Dishwasher safe

10) Tuelip

Tuelip is another top teacup brand in India that brings us some astonishingly designed products. The design of these cups from Tuelip is unique from many of the brands mentioned above. The paintings or designs on the cups are something unique and are very positive while reading them. This will make your sipping of tea or coffee more pleasant and soothing. Although Tuelip is more known for their paintings or artwork on the teacups, their products are of good quality too.

Tuelip Set of 6 Mix Printed Design for Tea & Coffee Ceramic Coffee Mug (350 ml, Pack of 6)

Tuelip Set of 6 Mix Printed Design for Tea & Coffee Ceramic Coffee Mug

  • Tuelip Cups/mugs are a great gift for any occasion as they are more focused to attract youth with their variety of paintings/artwork. So you can gift them for all the occasions and functions.
  • These mugs give someone a reason to smile and a memory that lasts forever with those designing things.
  • This tea mug is made up of high-quality ceramic material which is microwave and dishwasher safe
  • These teacups or mugs hold 350 ml and are the perfect companion for drinking coffee, tea or green tea, etc.,

Other best teacup brands in India (Honorable mentions)

Here are some of the other best teacup brands in India that are at par with the brands mentioned above:

  • Alda
  • GoodHomes
  • Solimo – Amazon Brand
  • VarEesha

Final Thoughts

I hope I have tried my best to bring out the best teacup brands in India to you and now it is up to you to decide which one you like the most. Although there are several teacup brands, you need to choose only one while buying online. 

So I request you to compare and check all the possible features, prices, and other relevant things before making your final decision. To make your work simple, I have added a tab under each of the products so that you can simply click and check the latest price and features of them on the eCommerce site you wish to buy them.

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