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Chapati Dough Maker For Home Use – An Ultimate Buying Guide

If you are the one who primarily has a busy and hectic schedule or doesn’t know how to make round and soft chapatis at all, then a chapati maker is precisely the thing you need. A chapati or roti maker is an exclusively designed appliance to make perfect chapatis at home without any effort. This appliance will also be beneficial for you if you have a large family to feed because you can make too many rotis in a few minutes only without anything done manually. It is a perfect combination of a rolling pin, a rolling board, and a Tawa. However, choosing a chapati dough maker for home use could be a difficult task sometimes. So, here we will tell you everything you need to know before making a final purchase of a chapati dough maker. Let’s get started- 

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Why Should I Buy a Chapati Maker?

A chapati maker is a handy appliance for every kitchen. It is a multipurpose product that you can use for making chapati, khakhra, pizza dough, dosa, and whatnot. After all, Who would like to waste their energy in making all these things manually if these could easily be prepared through one appliance that is a chapati maker? Using chapati maker will not create any mess in making perfectly round chapatis and other things also. Also, it makes the chapati making a hassle-free job and saves a lot of your energy. It prepares healthy rotis in no time. Many roti makers have a one-touch program that takes all the hassle away to make the best & soft chapatis in just one touch. Chapati maker is a budget-friendly purchase, and there will be no usage of gas also.

Factors to consider before purchasing a chapati maker

Non-stick Tawa: It would be best if the roti maker that you choose would have a non-stick Tawa. Almost all the chapati makers that we have reviewed below have a non-stick coating of Tawa. The non-stick coating on Tawa makes the chapati-making process too easy. You don’t need oil or flour application on the Tawa if your Tawa has a non-stick coating. Moreover, it also makes sure that the dough smoothly flows inside the roti maker and forms the perfectly shaped smooth chapatis.

Body Material: It is not a good option to compromise with the quality while looking for a chapati maker. Poor quality will form rust over your appliance, and ultimately it wouldn’t be of any use. Stainless steel is the best material for chapati makers. Make sure it is rust-free.

Shockproof body: If the chapati maker that you are choosing is shockproof, it will be ultra-safe for you and everyone around you. It will give you instant protection from electric shocks caused due to short circuits or voltage fluctuation.

Non-heating handles:  It is also a safety feature that should be a part of a good quality chapati dough maker. The handles of the chapati maker play a significant role while making chapatis. So, always look for a model of a chapati maker with insulated handles, which stays cool even at a high temperature.

Adjustable temperature: It is an essential feature that will ensure that your chapatis are getting cooked at the proper temperature level. It will help you to get the proper texture of chapatis. Some models of chapati makers have three temperature settings- low, medium, and high temperature. You can adjust the temperature as per the requirement of the dish that you are preparing.

Auto cut feature: This feature comes with most of the high-quality chapati makers. This feature ensures that the appliance auto cut off when the temperature reaches its highest. It also prevents overheating issues in your device. 

Power Input: The power input for chapati maker can be range between 800-1000 Watt with a minimum 250-300 Voltage requirement.

9 Best Chapati Maker For Home Use

Kent Atta and Bread Maker for Home, Fully Automatic With 19 Pre-set Menu, 550w 16010 (Steel Grey)

Kent Atta and Bread Maker for Home, Fully Automatic With 19 Pre-set Menu, 550w 16010 (Steel Grey)

Key features

  • Automatic Mixing & Kneading – Makes your life easy in preparing chapati/roti without any hassles

  • 19 Programme Menus – The Kent Chapati/bread/roti maker comes with 19 program menus that help you prepare many varieties of atta like puri, bread, pizza dough, homemade yogurt, cake, and so on.
  • The Kent electric dough maker has a one-touch operation and detachable components make mixing and kneading easy.
  • You can use any kind of flour for preparing chapati, puri, cake, or bread through this machine.
  • This Kent silver-grey atta maker machine has an amazing 550W power.
  • The package includes Atta bread maker, dough pan (1 No.), measuring spoon (1 No.), measuring cup (1 No.), kneading panel remover (1 No.), user manual.

Bajaj Vacco Go Ezzee chapati/khakhra/roti maker C-02, 900 watts, stainless steel

Bajaj Vacco Go Ezzee chapati maker

Key Features 

  • Solid & sturdy ABS plastic made a cool-touch handle to press.
  • Non-stick coating plate that works as Tawa.
  • LED indicator for power on/off.
  • Shockproof body
  • Stainless steel body
  • Automatic cut off
  • Multipurpose use

Sunflame Roti Maker


Sunflame roti maker

Key Features 

  • Food grade non stick coating plate
  • Power on/off indicator
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong and sturdy handle
  • Multipurpose use

Prestige PRM 3.0 roti maker, stainless steel- silver, 1 piece

Prestige PRM 3.0 roti maker, stainless steel- silver, 1 piece

Key features 

  • High-quality stainless steel body
  • 900 W power
  • Automatic cut off
  • On/off power indicator
  • Temperature control feature
  • Good wire length & quality
  • Multipurpose use

DIVYA stainless steel roti maker (roti/chapati/khakhra/paratha/papad maker), 1000 Watts

DIVYA Stainless Steel Electric Roti Maker

Key features 

  • 1000 Watt capacity
  • Non-stick coated plate
  • Shockproof handle
  • Auto cutoff feature
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Stainless steel body
  • Power on/off indicator
  • Multipurpose use

RAMPSHAR non stick TOFLON coating 900 W, electric chapati/ roti/ khakhra maker with shockproof body and non-heating handle

RAMPSHAR Non-Stick TOFLON Coating 900w Chrome Polish Electric Chapati Maker

Key features 

  • Strong & sturdy handle to press
  • Non-stick coated plate
  • It can be used to prepare chapati, khakhra, cheela/Dosa, etc.,
  • Upper lifting handle
  • LED power on/off indicator

Electrosky electric roti maker, CS-02, Chapati/ Roti/ Pizza Maker/ Khakra, 900 watts, shockproof stainless steel

ElectroSky® Electric Roti Maker

Key features 

  • Best food-grade Teflon coated non stick Tawa
  • Automatic cutoff with light indicator
  • Ultra-safe to use with shockproof body
  • Heat resistant handles
  • Stainless steel body
  • Knob to lift

Baltra Easycook Roti Maker, 900 watt

Baltra Easycook Pro Roti Maker

Key features 

  • Shockproof handle
  • High-quality stainless steel body
  • Chrome finish body
  • Non-stick coated plates
  • LED light indicator
  • Anti-skid feet

Euroline EL- 116 MM electric multi maker- roti/ dosa/ papad/ khakhra non stick coating

Euroline EL-116 MM Electric Chapati maker

Key features 

  • Compact size
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Easy to use
  • Light-weighted body
  • High-quality stainless steel body
  • Shockproof body and handle
  • 1-year warranty
  • Non-stick coating


I hope this article helped you in selecting a chapati dough maker for home use. All the chapati makers that we have reviewed above are best to our knowledge. Most of these chapati makers are multipurpose, which means you can use one chapati maker to prepare so many things in a few seconds only. However, before always compare before making a final decision.

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