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How to Cover Chimney Pipe in Modular Kitchen – A detailed Guide

These days, we see chimneys as a part of almost every Indian kitchen. After all, a chimney gives us a breathable environment while cooking, especially in modular kitchens. The chimney pipes carry the smoke and heat produced while cooking, throw it outside the kitchen, and helps you to get a breathable environment in the kitchen. But at the same time, the broad chimney pipes can easily spoil the overall look of your modern yet modular kitchen. In that case, you must know how to cover chimney pipes in a modular kitchen.

Here we will tell you some easy ideas that will help you hide the chimney pipe while enhancing the beauty of your kitchen. Let’s get started- 

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How to Cover Chimney Pipe in Modular Kitchen – 5 Ideas 

Here are the four different ideas that can help you to hide the chimney pipe in your modular kitchen- 

Installation of kitchen cabinets will help!

It is probably the most straightforward idea that you can use to hide the chimney pipe in your modular kitchen. A backless cabinet is a more appropriate type of cabinet that can help you hide the chimney pipe while maintaining the modular look of your kitchen. For more creativity, go for a unique colour or design of the cabinet or the colour that matches the other cabinets or your kitchen wall.

Hide it behind the columns and soffits

Well, this is another simple way that you can use to hide the chimney pipe in your modular kitchen. You need to cut the wooden columns, take proper measurements, and install them over the pipes to hide the pipe effectively. Depending upon your kitchen decor, you can also use some other material to use as a column. Once you install them, paint them with the colour matching the walls or cabinet of your modular kitchen. You can also find some prefabricated columns or soffits in a reputable kitchen design shop. 

Duct cover

You can purchase a duct cover in some reputed kitchen design shops. You may find it a challenging task because chimney ducts are not that readily available in every shop. But if you put a bit of your effort to search for it in the market, you will find it. 

 Paint the vent pipe

When nothing works, here is the solution- paint the pipe of your kitchen chimney similar to the wall colour of your kitchen. It will help you to prevent the modular look of your kitchen. This method is not as effective as others, but it can save the look of your modular kitchen, and that is what matters.

Pro Tip: Choose the colour which can withstand the heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find a chimney duct cover online?

Well, there are very few chances that you will find a good chimney duct cover online. But if you search for the same in the local market in some reputed kitchen design showroom, you may find it. 


I hope you must be clear with the question – “how to cover chimney pipe in the modular kitchen”. The chimney hiding process will become easier for you if you take it as an opportunity to decorate your modular kitchen, not just with the purpose to hide a bad-looking chimney duct.

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