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How To Fix Gas Stove Knob India – An Ultimate Guide

Machinery or kitchen appliances require time to time maintenance. You need to give special care to electrical or kitchen appliances as they can go through issues anytime. That’s why sometimes it is better to learn things on your own instead of following a lengthy procedure of calling a technician and paying a lot of money to repair it. You must have faced the situation of gas stove knob brokerage or jamming and thought of how to fix the gas stove knob?

The knobs and gas pipes are the most critical point of any gas stoves. The breaking or jamming of the knob can be a serious issue also. Here in this article, we will tell you how to fix the gas stove knob India. You will learn an instant alternative to turn off the gas stove when your gas stove knob stops working or breaks accidentally.

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Let’s See How to Fix Gas Stove Knob India

 If you see that the knob of your gas stove is broken, avoid cooking on that burner. Use another burner or another gas stove knob for cooking. On the other hand, sometimes situations worsen, and the gas stove knob gets jammed or broken accidentally- in such a case, you can use any tongs or any metal clipper to turn it off. However, keep in mind that this trick may work for a while, but it is never a good option as per safety and for the long run. 

So, if your gas stove knob is broken, take the situation seriously and replace the knob as soon as possible. You can easily find gas stove knobs in many marketplaces like Amazon & Flipkart.

How to Fix Jammed Gas Stove Knob?

Fixing a jammed gas stove knob may seem a difficult task, and most of the time, people prefer to call a technician in such cases. But actually, it can quickly be done at home following proper steps and care. Following are the steps that you need to follow to fix a jammed gas stove knob :

  1. Firstly, turn off the gas regulator knob carefully and detach it from the cylinder to prevent gas leakage.
  2. Now remove the jammed gas stove knob using a screwdriver. Also, remove two screws available at the sides beneath the black knob.
  3. Turn the gas stove upside down and remove the gas pipe by unscrewing it.
  4. Now you will see a small screw placed at the side of the burner. Carefully unscrew that using a screwdriver or small tester.
  5. Now take out the on/off valve (cylindrical) and clean all the grease on it using a damp cloth. Also, clean the hole of that valve.
  6. Now fix the spring and valve and place that small screw in its place and tighten it.
  7. Similarly, place all other things in their place and tighten all the screws carefully.
  8. Now you will get the smoothness of the gas stove knob while turning it left or right.


I hope this article on how to fix the gas stove knob India has helped you learn to set your jammed gas stove knob. The alternative that we have suggested to you for the broken knob is a good option but for a while only. It is always suggested for long-term use to play safe and get a new knob or repair your old broken knob.

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