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How to fix undercooked pasta? – An Ultimate Guide

Whether it’s a teenager or an adult, everyone loves pasta. After all, who doesn’t like to have a tasty easy to cook Chinese dish. To be honest, it is my favorite every second-day meal. Pasta is the healthiest meal if it is eaten moderately. Make sure you opt for whole grain pasta for health benefits over refined ones. Actually, refined pasta has less fiber and more calories that make you hungry just after few hours of having it. Cooking pasta according to your taste is an effortless job. But sometimes, we mess up things by overcooking or undercooking the pasta, which ruins its overall taste. Don’t worry; here we will tell you how to fix undercooked pasta. Read this article till the end, and you will definitely get to know the tricks to fix your undercooked pasta without ruining its taste. We will also try to answer some frequently asked questions that generally come into every pasta lovers’ mind.


Tricks – How to Fix Undercooked Pasta

Undercooked pasta is hard to chew and makes swallowing difficult. It is a real problem, but there is nothing that can’t be solved. Here we have come up with some tips that you can use to cook pasta to perfection.

1. Take a large pot for boiling undercooked pasta:

Firstly, you need to take a large pot to cook the undercooked pasta. Often, people tend to ignore this part and use a small pot. Due to this reason, the pasta on the upper side is left uncovered and did not boil properly. This also leaves clumps of pasta that stick to the surface of the pot.

2. Add some salt:

Adding some salt in the boiling water is one of my favorite tricks to prevent my pasta from getting extra soft & slimy. This trick will not make your pasta salty; instead, it helps maintain the perfect texture of cooked pasta. It also gives an excellent flavor to the pasta.

3. Boiling time:

There is no fixed time to boil the pasta perfectly. You can look at the state of pasta and touch it to check if it is properly cooked or not. Suppose you took out undercooked pasta; you can reboil it. Take care of time so that you can prevent it from overcooking.

4. Cook the undercooked pasta with/without sauce:

You can cook your undercooked pasta with or without sauce. It means if you have already added the seasoning to your undercooked pasta, don’t worry; you can still fix the pasta by cooking it in the sauce. Make sure you add some water to prevent it from burning. This will make your pasta more tasty and delicious.

5. Use salty water:

If you have kept the salted water aside after boiling the undercooked pasta, you can use that further to fix your pasta. You need to add a little amount of butter and the whole pasta into that water. It will help in cooking pasta to the perfect taste & texture.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do we come to know if pasta is undercooked?

The only way to know if your pasta is cooked adequately is by tasting it. If the pasta is firm to the bite, that means it is undercooked, and you need to keep it boiling for some more time. The adequately cooked pasta is gummier in taste. But if your pasta sticks to the wall, it’s probably overcooked.

How to fix overcooked pasta? 

Add olive oil or butter to a pan and warm it for 2-3 minutes over medium flame. Now, saute mushy pasta for three to seven minutes, and you will get the firm pasta.

Should you put olive oil in the pot for boiling pasta? 

The straight answer is- No! Although, adding olive oil in the pot for boiling pasta prevents the pasta from sticking together. But oil creates a layer at the top of the water that can ruin your whole dish. When the pasta is drained, it has to pour through that oil layer that leaves a coat of oil on your pasta. So, it’s better not to use oil at the time of boiling pasta.

Can regular eating of pasta make you sick? 

No, it will not make you sick, provided it is a whole grain pasta. However, if you eat old pasta, it can make you sick due to harmful germs that grow onto it. This can cause the symptoms of mild to severe food poisoning, depending on how old that pasta is.


So, that was all about how to fix undercooked pasta. These were the tricks that you should follow if your pasta ever messes up. Above, we have also given you the easiest trick to fix your overcooked pasta. We hope now you wouldn’t regret it if your pasta remains undercooked or gets overcooked.

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