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Best Utensils For Baking Cake In Microwave Oven – A definitive Buyer’s Guide

So, a lot of my friends have just started baking. You can call it whatever you want, a new fad or a long yearning. Baking is doing brisk business. Those who are not able to cook, are turning towards baking today. It is easy, or you could say quick. Moreover, you can enjoy a delicious meal at the click of a button. Now, you can bake cakes, and savory items as well. Many people had ovens for a long time, but they just bit the dust. However, for the past few years, baking has taken a whole new form and shape. You can easily bake in a microwave or the oven. You just need the right utensils for baking cake in microwave oven.

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Types Of Microwaves For You

There are two types of microwaves – convection and non-convection. Many people think that you can bake in a convection microwave only. However, that is not true. You can also use the normal heating mode in a microwave today and bake a cake. You can do plenty of things in a convection microwave. They include reheating, boiling, defrosting, roasting, baking, and preheating as well. Moreover, you can control it with a smartphone app.

There are additional sensors as well that do the trick of detecting moisture levels. It actually combines the features of two kitchen equipment – a normal microwave and an oven. However, in the case of a non-convection microwave or the standard variety, you can mostly heat food and defrost. It makes use of basic microwave technology

However, in either case, you need to remember one thing. You need to use microwave-proof cookware. Moreover, you can either use a microwave-proof glass dish or silicone bakeware. You should never use steel racks that come with normal ovens. You can accomplish the task of baking a cake in 5-7 minutes. Thus, you should take care of the timings to bake that perfect cake. In the normal heating mode, the cake may turn out to be a bit dry. However, there is nothing much to fret on. You can soak the cake in sugary liquid, to make it moist. 

If you delve further, you can find out a host of other information. Do not confuse normal microwave mode with connection microwave mode. In normal microwave mode, the microwave rays cook the food while in convection, the heating coils generate heat and bake the goodie. Using the utensils for baking cake in microwave oven can make a whole lot of difference.

Utensils To Use In Microwave Mode

Utensils For Baking Cake

If you are baking a cake in normal microwave mode, you have got to keep these things in mind. You can use special microwave-safe plastic. Some of the Tupperware plastics are microwave proof. However, you should remember to ask the vendor, before buying. Moreover, you can also use good quality glassware and chinaware in the microwave.

However, it should not have any golden or silver paint on it. One way to check, if your ware is capable of baking in convection mode is to fill the glassware with water, and put it in the microwave for 1 minute on full power. You should check to see the water heating up. However, your glassware should not. If your glassware also becomes hot, then this is not the right one. 

Some people are of the opinion that you can also use the quartz grills that come with the oven. Many people also use Borosil and Corningware. You can also use Pyrex. Whatever you use, the label on the utensil should read ‘microwave-safe’.

Utensils To Use In Convection Mode

This is the required mode for baking. This mode does not come with all microwaves, so you have to check before you purchase. People can use this mode to bake cakes, pizzas, and cookies. You can use a variety of utensils in this mode, namely aluminum, and other metals as well. You can also use aluminum ramekins to bake small cupcakes. Moreover, you can freely use Borosil, Corningware, and Pyrex-oven-proof utensils. Furthermore, you can use the good old quartz grills as well. 

You can make sponge cakes, black forest cakes, Choco lava cakes, brown bread, ice cream cakes, almond cardamom cookies, and pizzas as well.

How To Bake In The Convection Mode?

You have to select the time and temperature. Many recipes require you to preheat the oven as well. You just have to select the temperature and start. Once, the oven reaches the requisite temperature, the alarm rings. And, you can put the food to be baked inside. 

In the case of actual baking, just set the temperature and the time, and place the food to be baked inside. After the food is baked, the alarm bell rings.

Baking Tips For Beginners

  • When you are baking a small or a big cake, it is imperative that you follow the recipe. After doing it well, as per the guidelines, you can start experimenting after the 3rd try. 
  • If you are using yeast in your recipe, check that packer beforehand for activity. You should be able to see that it actually works and makes the dough or batter multiply. 
  • If you have just purchased the microwave, do not experiment with guests around. You can let an experienced person handle the baking task. 
  • Try to check the consistency of the bake, and also the smell while cooking is in progress. It will help you to avoid surprises later on. 
  • You ought to keep a watch on the food to be baked. Every brand may be different. So, temperature and cooking time may vary and change the final outcome.

Things To Consider Before Buying Microwave Utensils

  • You need to check beforehand, if the utensil that you are purchasing, has a Microwave-safe tag. It should be there in the product guide. If such a label is not present, it can prove to be extremely dangerous to use such a vehicle in the microwave. 
  • The material that you select to buy bakeware is extremely important as well. You may buy glass, plastic, ceramic, or silicon. Glass is the most commonly used microwave utensil. Borosilicate ones are the best.

”#5” is the sign that you should look for when buying plastic microwave utensils. If it is polypropylene, it might do you good. It should be approved by the FDA as well. Using ceramics is still under debate, but you should use one that does not have a golden or silver lining. 

Silicon is the best so far, as it is non-stick in nature. It also does not heat up. You should make sure to buy the best type of silicon-ware. 

  • You should also check for temperature resistance as well. 
  • Also consider checking other facts like budget, utility, air circulation features, and whether it is dishwasher-safe.

Best Utensils For Baking Cake In Microwave Oven

Today, you will come to know about a few brands of utensils that you can use in the oven or the convection microwave. Now, cook that tasty cake on your plate. Moreover, you can experiment a lot with such cakes in a convection microwave or the normal oven ones. So, have a great time exploring.

Borosil Glass Mixing Bowl Set 

Borosil - Glass Mixing Bowl - Set of 3 (500 ML + 900 ML + 1.3L) Oven and Microwave Safe

If you are looking for Borosilicate material bakeware, then this is it. The brand is synonymous with producing ‘microwave-safe utensils.’ The bowls from this set, rank in the first position in terms of size, price-point, quality, and durability. The set weighs 2.3 kg and consists of three borosilicate glass bowls. You will be finding these to be extremely convenient for your kitchen. Now, you can watch your cake being baked.

Moreover, if you add some kind of food color they will not be able to stain the glassware. It is stain-free. You can even knead the dough or make the batter inside these and directly, put them inside the microwave for baking. These bowls can withstand high temperatures as well.

Key Features:

  • Made of borosilicate glass.
  • Temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius.
  • Can be used in the microwave, oven, fridge, freezer, and dishwasher.
  • It will not leech chemicals into your food.
  • Non-porous glass. 
  • Comes in a variety of sizes to suit all needs. 


  • Quite thick material. 
  • Very durable.
  • Bowl sizes are convenient.
  • Value for money


  • Price keeps fluctuating

Femora Baking Carbon Steel StoneWare Non-Stick Coated Baking Loaf Pan (Small) for Breads 

Femora Baking Carbon Steel Stone Ware Non-Stick Coated Baking Loaf Pan (Small) for Breads

If you want to make a smart choice today, it has got to be Femora. This is one of the most popular bakeware today. It is made from heavy-duty rolled steel. It is a long-lasting companion in the kitchen. Moreover, it is abrasion-resistant and non-stick. So, even if you forget to oil or butter the sides, you can have a great cake. The brand is a specialist in bakeware and can make your baking dream come true. Though the name says, bread, you can use this utensil to make cakes as well.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Rolled-Rim Bakeware construction
  • Diamond-quality non-stick finish
  • Great for cakes, pies, bread, brownies, and sponge cakes


  • Sturdy and convenient to use
  • Requires very less greasing
  • Easy to clean
  • Works great for layered cakes
  • Solid molding material 
  • Design is good
  • It is spacious
  • Very easy to hold


  • Non-stick coating tends to come off after 5-6 uses

FLYNGO Teflon Coated Spring Form Heart, Round, and Square Shape Cake Moulds for Baking Non-Stick Cake Tins/Pan/Trays for Oven, and Cooker with Removable Base

FLYNGO Teflon Coated Spring Form Heart, Round, and Square Shape Cake Moulds for Baking Non-Stick Cake Tins/Pan/Trays for Oven


These are some of the best bakeware around, that you can use in the microwave to bake a cake. No matter how many times you want to bake, this is just perfect for you. This is one of the must-have tools to bake a cake. These springform pans are the perfect accompaniment for your baking needs. You can now make different sizes of cakes.

Moreover, the shapes are varied. So, you might experiment a bit with the shape each day. They come with non-stick, detachable bases. So, you can transport your creations to the serving plate very easily. Now, you can perfectly bake your three-layered cakes. Moreover, the aluminum gauge is commendable. You will find this to be truly long-lasting and it also heats the cake thoroughly. 

Key Features:

  • Springform Pan with non-stick coating
  • Set of 3 springform pans includes 3 different shapes
  • Non-stick aluminium with removable bottom 
  • Heavy-duty steel buckle forms a tight seal
  • Can be used in microwave ovens with convection mode.
  • Flutes sides increase the surface area for convenient baking
  • Non-corrosive, stain-resistant, and dishwasher-safe for easy maintenance


  • Quality is great
  • The size of the container is big
  • It is good for professionals
  • Thick and durable


  • One of the case- came with scratches
  • Size can be a deterrent at times

SYGA Non-Stick Carbon Steel Baking Tray- Black


SYGA Non Stick Carbon Steel Baking Tray_Black

Now, you have the option of high-carbon steel bakeware right at your doorstep. It resists warping and can spread the heat around. Now, your cakes will not burn. This is one of the best non-stick bread baking trays. They double up as cake baking trays as well. It bakes everything. Made of premium quality material, this tray promises to deliver a great deal. Moreover, it is food grade. Make the best bread and cakes at home today. 

Key Features:

  • Made of carbon steel
  • No harmful substances in high temperature
  • Heats up quickly and evenly
  • Food grade material
  • You can make a variety of baked goodies


  • The non-stick pan can be cleaned easily
  • Mould is good
  • Value for money


  • After 6-7 months, non-stick coating comes off

Borosil Square Glass Baking Dish With Handle, 1.6 L, Microwave Safe & Oven Safe

Borosil Square Glass Baking Dish With Handle, 1.6 L, Microwave Safe & Oven Safe

If you were looking for that perfect bakeware, that is multi-purpose as well. Then, this is it. Borosilicate is one of the top materials when it comes to bakeware. Now, it can withstand temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius. Moreover, you can use it in the microwave, in the oven, fridge and also in the dishwasher. The glass is non-porous, so you need not be scared of stains. It is harder and tougher than ordinary glass. 

Key Features:

  • Made of 100% borosilicate glass
  • Will not leach chemicals into your food 
  • Is scratch resistant
  • Non-porous glass 
  • Can use in all types of oven


  • Borosil brand kills it
  • Can be used for baking
  • Can wash it in the dishwasher


  • Very small in size

FAQs – Best Utensils For Baking Cake In Microwave Oven

Find out the frequently asked questions on the topic. 

Which type of utensils to use in the microwave for baking cake?

There are plenty of utensils made of materials that you can use to bake a cake in your oven or convection microwave. You can use glassware from Treo, Borosil, or Milton. You should always use glassware with a thick gauge. That is important here. You can also use Signora ware or Tupperware. You should use such materials for cooking recipes that do not require too much oil. You can also use Pyrex, ceramic, and porcelain. Silicone cookware is great for making cakes, muffins, and puddings. Aluminum bakeware is also doing great these days. Stoneware is also making headlines today. 

Can you use steel utensils in the microwave?

Stainless steel does not belong to the microwave fraternity. They block the heat from reaching the contents of your ware. The metals have many electrons that get pulled by the microwave current, and can eventually burn the appliance. It is also highly reflective metal and moves the waves back and forth. This can eventually result in a fire. So, it is better to keep steel away from microwaves. 

What kind of plastic is used in microwave utensils?

You will find that there are plastics of various types. There is one kind called Type 1 Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), that you can safely use inside the microwave. The other plastic utensils cannot be used inside the microwave. You should always look for the microwave-safe symbol on any plastic containers and wares that you plan to use inside the microwave. Most experts will ask you to stay away from plastic containers if you are planning to use them in the microwave. So, you should avoid any mistakes in this genre. Plastics can melt, and get into the food. You will never know about it until it is too late.


So, now you have come across so many different kinds of facts behind that quintessential cake. Baking a cake is a great thing. Moreover, most people are taking it up as a hobby. So, you have to be a bit cautious while choosing the right utensil. If you happen to choose one that is wrong, then you’re at the first attempt, chances are that you will hate baking again.

Thus, in order to give a good channel to your creativity, you can now bake well. The best utensils like stoneware, glassware, Tupperware ware and the ones that rightfully say so. Thus, you have so many choices today. We have told you about the utensils for baking cake in microwave oven. So, bake that cake and give it all a treat.

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