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 Exchange Offer on Mixer Grinder

If you are here, that means you are probably looking for exchange offers on a mixer grinder. If yes, then you are at the right place because here, we will tell you everything you need to know about the exchange offer on the mixer grinder that various brands provide. Here we will answer some frequently asked questions that will clear all your doubts and make your mixer grinder purchase worthy. Let’s get started- 

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Brands That Provide Exchange Offer On Mixer Grinder

Here we are going to mention some brands that mostly provides exchange offers and some best mixer grinders related to the respective brands :


Prestige IRIS plus mixer grinder, 750 W

Prestige IRIS Plus 750 watt mixer grinder

Key features 

  • Attractive design
  • 4 jars- 3 stainless steel jars and 1 juice jar 
  • 2-year warranty 
  • 750-watt powerful motor 
  • Robust design, sturdy handles 
  • Superior-grade plastic body 
  • Leakproof jars

Prestige TEZ mixer grinder, 3 jars, 550 W

Prestige TEZ 550W Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars , Blue

Key features 

  • 3 stainless steel jars 
  • 2 years warranty 
  • Overloaded protection mechanism
  • 550 watts powerful motor 
  • Elegant design, sturdy handles
  • Smooth control knob 
  • Leakproof jars

Prestige Delight Plus mixer grinder, 4 jars, 750 watt

Prestige Delight Plus Mixer Grinder, 750 Watt, 4 Jars, Yellow

Key features 

  1. 750 watts powerful motor, 
  2. Pure copper winding motor 
  3. 2-year product warranty and 5 years warranty on motor 
  4. Dome-shaped jar lids 
  5. 2 stainless steel jars and 1 juice jar 
  6. Superior-grade plastic body 
  7. Leakproof jars 


Philips HL7756/00 mixer grinder, 3 Jars, 750 W

Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder, 750W, 3 Jars

Key features 

  • The 750-watt powerful turbo motor 
  • 3 variable speed controls 
  • 3 stainless steel jars 
  • User-friendly and easy-to-clean jars 
  • Long-lasting ABS plastic body 
  • Leakproof jars

Philips HL 7707/00 mixer grinder with jars, 750 W

PHILIPS HL7707/00 750W Mixer Grinder with 4 Jars, Black

Key features 

  • 750-watt powerful motor 
  • Unique design 
  •  5 years motor warranty
  •  2 years product warranty
  • 4 no. of jars, Leakproof jars
  • 3 variable speed controls 
  • Multipurpose: Atta kneading, grating, slicing, chopping, mixing, etc.


Bajaj Rex Mixer grinder 500 Watt with Nutri pro feature, 3 jars

Bajaj Rex Mixer grinder 500 Watt with Nutri pro feature, 3 jars

Key features 

  • 500-watt powerful motor 
  • 3 stainless steel jars 
  • Easy-grip jar handles 
  • Elegant look and easy to use 
  • Multifunctional blade.

Bajaj classic mixer grinder with 3 jars, 750 W

Bajaj Classic Mixer Grinder, 750W, 3 Jars

Key features

  • Multifunctional, tetra flow technology
  • 750-watt powerful copper motor
  • Sturdy stainless steel jars
  • ABS plastic body material
  • 3 variable speed control
  • Nutri Pro feature, easy-grip handles


Maharaja Whiteline Joy mixer grinder with 4 jars, 750 Watt

Maharaja Whiteline Joy mixer grinder with 4 jars, 750 Watt

Key features 

  • 750-watt powerful motor 
  • Super sharp blades 
  • Variable speed controls 
  • 50-60 Hz noise 
  • Air ventilation system

Maharaja Whiteline MX220 UltraMax HD 3 stainless steel jar mixer grinder, 1000 Watt

Maharaja Whiteline MX-220 1000 W Ultramax HD 3 Stainless Steel Jar Mixer Grinder

Key features 

  • 1000 watt copper motor 
  • 100% food-grade safe 
  • 30 min continuous grinding 
  • High-grade plastic body 
  • Multipurpose


Butterfly Matchless mixer grinder, 4 jars, 750 watt

Butterfly Matchless Mixer Grinder, 750W, 4 Jars

Key features 

  • Elegant and aesthetic design 
  • 750-watt powerful motor 
  • Shockproof and impact-resistant 
  • 3-year warranty on the product and a 5-year motor warranty

Butterfly jet elite mixer grinder and vegetable chopper, 750-watt

Butterfly Jet Elite 750W Mixer Grinder and Vegetable Chopper

Key features 

  • 750-watt powerful motor
  • Stainless steel 4 jars
  • 1-year motor warranty and 2-year product warranty
  • 3 variable speed controls
  • Faster and efficient grinding

Note:  Currently, these brands are not offering any exchange offer on mixer grinders. However, if you visit their offline stores, you may get a new mixer grinder in exchange for your old mixer grinder ( terms and conditions applied). 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Amazon exchange offer program?

The Amazon exchange offer program is not exclusively for mixer grinders, but you can exchange anything and everything with it. It is Amazon’s best program to buy a new product in exchange for your old product of the same brand, provided the exchange option is available with it. You can save a lot of your money with this program.

Here are some terms and conditions that you need to look for while exchanging an old product under the Amazon exchange offer program : 

  • The old product should not be damaged, broken, or otherwise tampered with. 
  • The old product should match the details you entered while placing an order with the exchange. 

How to get exchange offers on a mixer grinder?

If you want online exchange offers, you have to keep checking the websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. However, you can easily get these exciting exchange offers on mixer grinders if you visit the offline stores of brands like Prestige, Philips, Maharaja, etc. These brands mainly accept the old mixer grinder of the same brand in exchange for the new mixer grinder. 

What is the best time to check for exchange offers online?

The best time to check for exchange offers both online and offline is during the festive seasons. Most of the time, Amazon releases the most exciting exchange offers on the mixer grinder during the Diwali sale or at the time of the Amazon Prime Sale. 

Which is the best brand that frequently releases an exchange offer on a mixer grinder?

In our opinion, Prestige is the best brand that frequently releases an exchange offer on a mixer grinder online. If you visit their offline store, chances are you can easily get some exchange offers on their mixer grinders. Recently, from 30 June to 31 July 2021, Prestige released its “Anything on Anything Exchange Offer” in which the customer could avail 20% to 55% Off on exchange. 

How to exchange an old mixer grinder on Amazon?

If you want to exchange your old mixer grinder on Amazon, you need to see if the brand has an active exchange offer option. If yes, then you have to provide all the details of your old mixer grinder, and the details should match the condition of your old product. Otherwise, your old product will be rejected at the time of delivery of the new product. 


I hope this article will help you to avail the best exchange offer on mixer grinders. The brands that we have mentioned above are some of the best brands that frequently offer exchange options on a mixer grinder. Other than these brands, if you find any other exchange offer, you can go for that as well. However, if you want to purchase a new mixer grinder, the above-mentioned mixer grinders are well-known and with the best features.

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