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How to use induction stove ? An Ultimate Beginners Guide (2022)

An induction cooktop or stove is an advanced and impressive technology. Due to its flexible and versatile features, the induction cooktop has gained enormous trajectory over the past decade. The prominent benefits that come along with this are safety, affordability, versatility, and efficiency. Cooking with an induction might not feel as hot as when compared with a gas stove. But many people still have no idea how to use induction stove and including me (initial days).

The induction stove uses electromagnetic radiation, so they do not increase your kitchen temperature, and you can enjoy cooking in a cooler atmosphere. An induction stove is generally used to boil water, heat milk, etc., but it very well is used to cook rice, make curries, and all the other things that we cook in a regular stove.

There are multiple types of induction stoves available from various brands with minor changes in the product features. Though every brand comes with different models with various improvements, the induction stove’s basic features are the same for all brands. Hence, if you are new induction stove users and do not know how to use it, this guide will be of great use.

Getting started with Induction Stove

As soon as you buy an induction cooktop, you should read the manual thoroughly. It helps you to understand its features and its operation. Once you understand its operation and functionalities, you should concentrate on the induction friendly pans, pots, pressure cookers, skillets, and idly stand. However, it can help if you always looked for buying a thick induction base in your pans and pressure cooker.

How to Use Induction Cooktop?

Cooking with an induction stove is quite as simple as utilizing other electronic appliances. With a little knowledge of how to use an induction stove, you can easily operate it in your daily life.

Ensure you always pay attention to the following points or steps while cooking with an induction cooktop:

  • Make use of the right utensils and pans that are suitable for induction cooktop
  • The iron bottom or copper bottom would be an ideal option 
  • Place the pan on the induction cooktop
  • Figure out the power button and switch it on
  • Select the function your need to use
  • Read the manual thoroughly to understand its operation before you start cooking
  • Never touch the cooking area, as it would be hot even sometime after cooking 
  • Keep the induction cooktop out of reach from children as they can hurt themselves
  • How to use a portable induction cooktop

Before you start cooking, you should be aware of the induction compatible cookware for an induction cooktop. If you are planning to purchase cookware, then verify for the induction friendly mark. Also, the vessel should be smooth, flat, and magnetic.

The term induction friendly means the metal should be made of ferromagnetic material, which will make the induction cooking process smooth. Iron, Cast iron or enameled cast iron, or stainless steel works best on the induction.

Materials that will not work on induction:

Glass, Aluminum, and Copper until the vessel base possess magnetic properties. If you want to test if your vessel possesses magnetic properties, you can test with a fridge magnet, if the magnet sticks, it will work on induction.

How to use induction cooker manual

Induction comes as a portable or fixed device that can be easily unpacked and installed. After installation, it can instantly be used. In the case of fixed models, companies send their staff to install it properly, helping you adjust and place it accordingly. Once the induction is installed, it is all set to work. 

Ensure to read the appliance manual that comes along with it. With the manual’s help, you can figure out its required current, voltage, and other specifications. It is also suggested to follow the manual to learn about its features and manufacturer’s instruction. The manual also guides the users with the operation and function button.

Placement of cooktop and cookware

Place the induction stove on a stable, flat, and non-metallic surface. Ensure to leave around a 4- 5-inch gap around the stove to avoid any blockage of air vents. Now, before you begin cooking, place the cookware on the preferable heating zone according to the vessel’s shape and size. You can also place a lid on top of the vessel to prevent spilling.

While you place the cookware, align with the center with the help of a ring drawn on the surface. To prevent scratches to the glass surface, you should always place and lift. It will help if you do not drag the utensil on the surface top. 

While the induction is functioning, keep away all the objects affected by the magnetic field like TV, Radion, Digital Thermometer, Credit Card, and other objects.

How to adjust recipes for an induction stove

Keep all magnetic items away from the cooktop’s surface, including credit cards with magnetic strips, certain kitchen foils, and mobile phones. The magnetic properties can affect their mini hard drives.

Lots of induction stoves come with preset cooking menus. You can refer to the manufacturer’s instruction to get insight on the induction cooking temperature guide. They possess predefined heat and duration for each food. Some of the general menus are hotpot, warm, boil, stir, fry, steam, and grill. You have to select the menu you wish and let the induction stove take care of the timing and heating.

While all the predefined menus, temperature, and timing might sound restrictive, the induction stove’s capabilities enable you to experiment and enjoy cooking with your recipes in a unique way that gas cooking can’t. For instance, the induction stove’s various heat range and precision let you make some sauces and curries that you previously thought can be prepared in professional kitchens.

However, if you have an induction stove, then you can prepare deep fry with a hollow pan or enjoy cooking chicken on an induction cooktop. It is ideal to set the temperature to 450F or adjust induction cooktop temperature control as it requires.

If you want to cook a chicken or turkey, this will give you the perfect cooking experience. Remember to close the lid while frying as the oil splatters can damage the induction cooking plate. For this reason, the induction stove creates less smoke and reduce oil consumption as well.

Induction cooktop problems

  • Please don’t make use of abrasive cleaning materials like scourers as it can scratch the glass top.
  • Don’t drop any heavy objects on the induction cooktop as the surface can crack.
  • Ensure the cookware you use is flat-bottomed and smooth. 
  • You are not supposed to slide your utensils about too much on induction because an uneven surface top can leave scratches.
  • Ensure not to use the induction cooktop as a chopping block.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use on an induction cooktop?

Since the induction stove utilizes magnetic radiation to cook, you should take care of various pointers before purchasing the utensils to use on it. The main point is choosing the utensil with a magnetic base, such as iron and stainless steel. You cannot use the pure copper bottom or aluminum pans on induction. 

How to turn on an induction stove

  • Switch on the induction  
  • Place your induction cookware on the surface. 
  • Select the temperature that is suitable for cooking the particular dish 

Final Thoughts

The above given are some of the ideas that provide you valuable information on how you can use your Induction cooktop for various cooking scenarios. I hope the article would give information on how effective and efficient it would be to use the induction cooktop at its best. 

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