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Does Induction Cooktop interfere Pacemakers ? An Informative Guide

Technological advancement is a boon to mankind. One such superior technology is the induction cooktop that is popular for its quick and efficient cooking with energy-saving. People love using Induction as it requires less power, and instant cooking as only the vessel gets heated up due to the electromagnetic Induction. However, some people wonder if it is safe to use an Induction cooktop and does it have any impact on the pacemaker. This blog post is intended to clear the confusion among the people who have doubts that does induction cooktop interfere pacemakers?

Basic understanding of the Induction Cooktop

The term induction is a short form of electromagnetic Induction. The basic principle of the Induction cooktop is electromagnetism, which means producing electricity using magnetism. If the fluctuating electric current passes through a wire, it produces an invisible magnetism pattern.

Similarly, in an induction cooktop, when an alternating current flows through the coil inside the cooktop, it produces a frequently changing magnetic field. Hence, it does not generate the heat directly when the magnetic fields pass through the cookware base and generate an electric current. This is how heat energy is generated and cooks the food.

Medtronic pacemaker and induction cooktop

Medtronic is the top cardio device company that has designed pacemakers that lasts between 6 to 15 years, subject to the device and type of pacing. Medtronic has launched pacemakers that are MRI compatible. In order to thoroughly realize the impact of the induction cooktop on a pacemaker, you should first understand the basic concept of these both.

How does an induction cooktop work?

The magnetic field in the cooktop is created when the alternating current passes through the coil beneath the cooktop. The magnetic current produced creates a resistive electric current that passes through the cookware and creates heat and cooks the food. The heat is generated within the cooking vessel, so the rest of the area will remain cool.

Understanding Pacemakers

A pacemaker is a tiny device placed in the chest to control unusual heart rhythms. The device helps treat arrhythmias, which is a problem with heartbeat rhythms. The device consists of a small battery-powered box with electric circuits, sensors, and leads that detect a biological function and send a stimulus. The pacemaker uses the electrical pulses to support the normal heart rate with low energy electrical pulses.

If you have got a slow heartbeat, your doctor may advocate you to implant a heart device (pacemaker) below your skin. It monitors your heart and transfers electrical signals to the center to extend the center rate that relieves you from the condition of a slow heartbeat. It uses electrical pulses that enable your heart to beat at a standard speed.

What can Interference with a pacemaker? 

Once you have a pacemaker, you must avoid close or prolonged contact with the electrical devices such as cell phones, MP3 players, electric generators, microwave ovens, metal detectors, etc that transmit electromagnetic currents.

Some medical procedures also interpret the operating of the pacemakers, such as Magnetic resonance imaging, or Shock-wave lithotripsy, Electrocauterization. Pacemakers won’t limit doing sports, but you must avoid doing full-contact sports like football. It can disrupt the working of the pacemaker.

Does Induction Cooktop affect Pacemakers?

Pacemakers are tiny electrical devices which helps your heart to regulate the electrical activity. Patients with pacemakers should be cautious while using electrical appliances as anything with an intense electromagnetic field will interfere with the pacemaker.

Many people with pacemakers are using Induction, though there is no severe health hazard, people have to cautious while standing near Induction. These appliances do generate electromagnet field so it is recommended to stand at least 60 cms away from the appliance.

Here are some other electrical appliances that produce an electromagnetic field, handheld hairdryers, large stereo speakers, electric toothbrushes, etc. Hence, when you are using these appliances, stay at least 16 cm away from the product.

Effect of Induction Cooktop on Pacemakers

The heart signals are detected by the pacemakers. The external magnetic and electrical fields can trigger signals on these sensors which prevent the device to function properly. As per the research, the malfunctions that occur in the unipolar pacemakers are ventricular sensing and inappropriate atrial.

Induction cooktop and defibrillator

A defibrillator is the same as the pacemaker, but the only difference is that the pacemakers keep your heart beating steadily. Still, a defibrillator is like a guardian angel who can give you a shock when detected in a dangerous rhythm.

Even after launching various pacemakers, none pacemaker balances with anything that produces high magnetic fields. Therefore a person with a pacemaker should not have close and prolonged exposure to induction cooktops.

6 Important Facts about pacemaker

  • Patients who have pacemaker on the left side and have unipolar configuration have a higher risk
  • The result states that pacemaker with bipolar configurations is not much affected due to the induction cooktop.
  • If the pan is placed in the center without properly covering the heating element then the risk increases
  • People who have not dependent on pacemaker can fall under the endangered category as the amplitude-modulated fields begin asynchronous pacing and interfere with the underlying rhythm
  • Avoid prolonged exposure or close proximity, as it can interfere with the electrical signals
  • Patients with a unipolar pacemaker should refrain from staying close to the cooktop for a longer period

Dangers of induction cooking 

Though there are several benefits of using the Induction cooktop, there are some induction cooktop problems that people face every day.

 Here are some induction cooking disadvantages 
  • It is more expensive than traditional cooktops.
  • You have to invest in western cookwares as it requires magnetic cookware for significant results.
  • It makes noise when set on high.
  • Needs power supply to function
  • Humans with pacemakers or any electrical devices need to take more precautions.
  • Keep the pan centrally to prevent leakage.

Here are some of the Ways to use induction cooktops safely

  • Avoid using broken kitchen utensils.
  • Use cookware that is labeled by the makers as appropriate for induction cooking.
  • Avoid usage of metal utensils as they are sensible conductors of warmth and electricity.
  • If your kitchen utensil handle is of semiconducting metal, consider getting an insulating hold as it reduces the possibilities of danger.
  • Keep the pot on the induction cooktop concentrically on the coil.
  • Maximize the gap between you and the cooktops.
  • Stay away from the Induction cooktop EMF as a precautionary measure

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a unipolar pacemaker?

Unipolar Pacemaker is a programmed to unipolar configurations that can cause hazards when it comes in contact with EMF

  1. Is Induction cooking safe during pregnancy?

According to the research other than the people who had implanted the electrical devices, the radiation from Induction does not affect a pregnant woman. Still, on a precautionary basis, make sure that you maintain a distance of 30 cm or more from the induction unit.

  1. Is the nutrition loss more in cooking with an induction cooktop?

The effects of Induction cooking on the nutritional value of food or diminishing of the nutritional value of food in induction cooking is no less than traditional cuisine. When it comes to nutrients loss, the main food item that comes in is fruits and vegetables. Cooking them at higher temperatures leads to the loss of nutrients. Even the food starts to erode at the time of chopping.



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