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Kitchen Chimney Brands Comparison – Top 5 Kitchen Chimney Brands in India

If you are here, that means you are looking to buy a chimney for your kitchen. There are too many brands available in the market. And sometimes it gets a bit tough to decide which kitchen chimney brand can be best for us. Usually, popular brands are known to serve best to their customers. But there is too much competition in the Indian market, and every next brand is trying a become the best famous brand. This may confuse a customer so badly that they may end up buying a product that is not so perfect for them. So, I have prepared this article, and here in the first half of the article, you will learn about the most popular kitchen chimney brands available in the Indian market. After that, you will find a kitchen chimney brands comparison chart in the second half of the article. That chart will make you understand which brand can serve best to you as per your needs. So, let’s get started- 

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Top 5 Kitchen Chimney Brands in India


Elica is the topmost and our favorite kitchen chimney brand in the Indian market. This brand has gained tremendous popularity in selling the best kitchen appliances, primarily kitchen chimneys. They never give a chance to question the quality and durability of their products. If you check Amazon, Flipkart, or any other online shopping website, you will find Elica among the best-selling brand for kitchen chimneys there too. Elica kitchen chimneys are great performers too, and this brand will never disappoint you at all.


Hindware is another famous brand in India for making great kitchen appliances. But amongst all kitchen products, Hindware is well known for delivering high quality with advanced technology chimneys for the kitchen. The best thing about this brand is its outstanding customer care service, making them succeed in the competition. You can always rely on the Hindware brand for kitchen chimney purchases.


Inalsa is a well-known brand for its kitchen appliances in India. The brand is also known for its highly reliable kitchen chimneys. They have excellence in providing kitchen chimneys with unique, fantastic features and impressive performance. All the chimneys from this have an excellent design which adds a modern touch to Indian kitchens. So, try your hand on Inalsa kitchen chimneys if you are looking for a complete package to value your money.


Faber kitchen chimney brand is famous for producing the most suitable kitchen chimneys for Indian kitchens. This brand always comes up with a better design and a great list of models of kitchen chimneys. All of its models come with an excellent warranty, auto-clean, and other exciting features, making the Faber the right brand to go with.


Eurodomo is a bit new brand for kitchen chimneys in the Indian market. But their products are so high quality, easy to maintain with a decent price list that they have gained popularity in no time. If you are looking for a kitchen chimney under budget, then the Eurodomo kitchen chimney can be a perfect choice for you.

Kitchen Chimney Brand Comparison Chart

Our Favourite Picks From Each Brand 

Suction Power  Noise Level Weight  Warranty 

(Product+ Motor)


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Elica 60 cm Auto Clean Chimney, WDFL 606 HAC MS NERO, with motion sensor control, black 1200 m3/hr  58 dB 12 kg 1+5 years Autoclean chimney, 2 Baffle filters
Hindware Nadia 60 cm kitchen chimney with motion sensor and touch control 1200 m3/hr  58 dB 15 kg 10 years warranty on motor Autoclean, filterless chimney
Inalsa 60 cm kitchen chimney  1250 m3/hr 65 dB 9.5 kg 2 + 7 years Autoclean, filterless chimney 
Faber 90 cm curved glass kitchen chimney  1500 m³/hr 58 dB 14 kg 1+5 years Auto clean, baffle filter chimney 
Eurodomo 60 cm curved glass kitchen chimney  1200 m3/hr 58 dB 10 kg 1+ 5 years Auto clean, Baffle filter 


I hope this kitchen chimney brand comparison chart will help you to compare our top picks for kitchen chimney brands available in the market. The brands that we mentioned above are the topmost brands whose appliances are reliable and known for their quality in the Indian market. But apart from this, if you like any other kitchen chimney brand that fits best as per your needs, you should go for them.

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