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Which Plywood Is Best For Modular Kitchen: An Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Today, the houses are getting more compact. However, the need for furniture is not over yet. But, modern furniture will just fit into the short space. Moreover, people are becoming very interested in giving the kitchen a unique look. A modular kitchen is the best option in this regard. Now, the next valid question is, Which plywood is best for a modular kitchen? Well, this depends upon the style you will prefer for your kitchen. In this article, we will provide a brief guide about how to choose the best plywood and the availability of the same. Furthermore, you can also do a comparative analysis of the various brands currently flooding the market.

What is a Modular Kitchen?

A modular kitchen is the modern of presenting the most crucial part of your house. This enables you to choose multiple varieties among the stylish cabinets to fulfill various needs. Moreover, there can be varying sizes and shapes of these cabinets. You can also select attractive colors and shades to give a stunning look to your kitchen area.

Now, you have to understand the difference between a modular kitchen and a normal kitchen. You will observe that it is effortless to set up a modular kitchen and change the area’s look. Therefore, if you are going for shifting or renovation, this is the best approach. There are various decorators and experts who will guide you in how to make a modular kitchen matching the style of your house. The prices may vary according to design, type of plywood, colors of the cabinets, and the brand.

Moreover, it is not necessary that modular kitchens will always be a costly affair. Thus, you can opt for a low price modular kitchen also. In the next parts, you will get to know the types of the modular kitchen.

Types of Modular Kitchen

We will cover here six significant types of modular kitchens with an outstanding look.

Straight Layout

Here, there is no work-triangle. Moreover, the layout is a simple one and is mostly seen in the case of small apartments and studios. It gives a soothing look along with minimum space utilization.

L-Shaped Layout

If you are going for a modular kitchen, this is the first design you will come across. This is the ideal design for a compact home-space. Moreover, the expert usage of the available floor area is just amazing. You can even accommodate a small dining table and have a proper dining space too.

Island Shaped Layout

This is a dream kitchen style for the majority of people. Are you a contemporary style fan? Then this is the best thing for you. The top modular kitchen brands in India can arrange for an authentic design suiting your tastes. However, it will require some additional space because of the countertop area or the separate bar area. This design is definitely very entertaining, indeed. So, it has the capacity to bring all the family members to a single working area.

Galley Layout For Kitchen

If cooking is your passion, and you just need enough space, a parallel layout is an ideal choice. Furthermore, there can be separate spaces for dry and wet activities. There is sufficient room for easy movement and ample counter spaces. So, fulfill all your desires today with this fantastic Galley design.

U-Shaped Layout

You can think of a U-shaped layout only when you have sufficient space for the same. Moreover, this style will allow you to have excellent storage spaces for most of the Indian modular kitchen accessories. Even, due to enough space, more than one person can use the space most conveniently. There are several tall cabinets, both upper and lower. Thus, you can arrange everything in a proper manner.

Peninsular or G-shaped Layout

This layout is very much similar to the island model. There is a separate entertainment area as well as enough space for work. Moreover, there also space for free-standing. There is only one difference between the island design and the peninsular pattern. Connection with the main workspace is there to make it accessible from their sides. If you have a small kitchen area, this pattern is perfect for your home.

Which Plywood Is Best For Modular Kitchen?

To go deeper into the fact that which is the best wood for modular kitchen, learn about the plywood first. Plywood is another form of wood. Basically, this is a man-made article, where several layers of wood make one sheet. The carpenters give shape to interesting designs with the help of these boards or sheets.

Here you will also know about the best material for kitchen cabinets in India. This will help you ensure that kitchen furniture is long-lasting. Of course, if you are ready to spend so much, you have to see that it is for long-term benefit. No one plans for a modular kitchen just to last a few months. Some of the types of plywood are elaborated hereunder;-

BWR Grade Plywood

This is among the waterproof plywoods for a protective shield for your kitchen. You can easily know about the waterproof plywood for kitchen price now from several websites. Moreover, this type has a superb quality of resisting boiling water. You can expect no damage to the wood even when there is a high length of water. Also, no matter what the temperature of the water, your cabinet will remain as it is.

MR Grade Plywood

Your search for which plywood is best for cupboards gets ended at MR Grade types. Moreover, another name of MR Grade is commercial plywood. It has great resistance capacity from moisture. As a result, your kitchen will be dry and bright even during the winters and monsoons. This material of interior grade is the perfect choice for the indoor cabinets. However, it is not a waterproof type. It can safeguard only from the moisture.

BWP Grade Plywood

This type is almost similar to the BWR Grade ones. However, there are some technical differences between the two. During the manufacturing process, a different treatment method is applicable for this grade. Moreover, BWP is costlier than the BWR variety as the former is of a high-class. But, they have excellent capabilities to withstand any kind of wear and tear. The plywood thickness for kitchen cabinets is also very important. So, after selecting the best one, check the thickness also.

Marine Plywood

This type offers you the highest resistance power against the water. It is clear from the name itself. They can stay safe from exposure to water for a prolonged period. So, it will definitely be a great choice for any kitchen. 

The Top-Notch Brands Of Modular Kitchen

There are several top brands supplying world-class materials for the kitchen cabinets. Are you confused that which one to opt for? Well, here is a shortlist to make your decision easier.

Godrej Modular Kitchen

One of the best brands across the whole country and outside is Godrej. You can now check the Godrej modular kitchen price list from the official website of the company. Moreover, there is also the option to check them and compare the prices of several other brands on the internet.

Along with the designs, you will also get the Godrej modular kitchen accessories price list. This will help you to choose the most suitable option and get a beautiful kitchen within your budget. Godrej generally prefers to give steel cabinets instead of plywood ones. However, the cost of the same is relatively higher. But, undoubtedly, they will last for a longer period of time.

PVC Modular Kitchen

The PVC is also a great company that will ensure durability and brilliant quality. It is now convenient to book your favorite design from online shops. Moreover, from the company’s website, you no have the opportunity to chat with the representatives directly. The customer care people will be handling all your queries and suggesting you the best design according to the look of your house. The PVR modular kitchen prices are very affordable for an average person. You can check the online catalog and select the design.

Kutchina Modular Kitchen

The next big name that appears on the list is Kutchina. People in India are very much connected with the Kutchina kitchen chimneys. Moreover, the brand is easily affordable with stylish looks. Apart from this, it has fantastic options among the modular kitchen designs.

The Kutchina modular kitchen price list is also available for you on the webpage. But, you can contact the local dealers and have a look physically too. The amazing colours on the plywood will definitely attract you instantly. Moreover, there are multiple modular kitchen plywood designs with a unique finishing.

Disadvantages Of Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen is obviously the choice of most of the households in modern times. Furthermore, it is more appreciable if the looks and décor of the home matter the most for you. But, it is not a necessity. The modular kitchen cost per sq. ft. is undoubtedly much more than the normal types. So, you should be ready to invest a lot if a designable kitchen is in your mind. Apart from the price, there are some other disadvantages too that come with the good looks. Some of them are;-

  • The additional accessories of the kitchen are the primary reasons for the enhanced prices of the entire set-up
  • There is no hassle in cleaning the kitchen area. However, you have to practice the same regularly. Otherwise, the shine and appearance will not be the same. As a result, a modular kitchen will not serve the purpose, that is the beautiful looks.
  • Modular kitchens are the products of the third-parties. Therefore, even for a minor adjustment, you need help from an expert. No local artisan will be able to fix the issue. Thus, the cost of fixation will again increase your expenditure.
  • Every year, new and more modified designs are launched in the market. This will make your design outdated within a short time. In case, you go for the remodeling of the kitchen once again, the costs will be tremendously high. And definitely, it will not be a wise decision.

So, before making the final decision, consider all the relevant factors. Just a beautifully designed kitchen is not the only thing that you should look at. You have to understand and point out the various requirements and then go for the perfect model for your kitchen area. Moreover, you should also check the modular kitchen plywood price for a suitable quotation. Only accept an offer from a reputed brand.

Some Major Points Related To Modular Kitchen

Only contacting a supplier and constructing the modular kitchen is not enough. You have to go for several other ancillary things to complete the effort. A few of the necessary things that you must check while planning for a modular kitchen are as follows;-

  • Modular kitchen trolley sizes modular kitchen trolley types
  • Modular kitchen basket types
  • Kitchen racks suitable for modular kitchen

All the costs and designs are readily available on the official websites of the respective brands. Furthermore, you can search for the modular kitchen racks online and compare the prices. The prices vary a lot depending upon the sizes, designs, material, etc. Most of the time, these are steel racks for arranging the kitchenware in an organized manner. So, your kitchen will look clean and impressive with the perfect arrangement of every article.

Is Plywood Good For Kitchen Cabinets? 

Often, people are curious to know whether plywood is suitable for kitchen cabinets. But, we have appropriate answers for that too. There are multiple advantages to using amazingly light plywood for the cabinets. The kitchen cabinets are placed in a hanging form. Therefore, it will really be difficult to hang it, if the material is heavy. So, the craftsmen must choose a lighter alternative instead of the original wood. Plywood is thus the best option in this regard. Compared to particleboard, plywood can hold the glue joints in a better way. Even, very large cabinets will come off easily if you go for the plywood.

Today, you can also observe exciting designs in the cabinets. Moreover, the kitchen looks really colorful in multiple color combinations. Another important reason for choosing quality plywood is the brilliant capability of the material. The best material can play a significant role in resisting various probable dents on the cabinets.

So, be assured that your favorite cabinets can remain free of dents if you choose a reliable plywood brand. Durability, however, does not depend on just the quality of the plywood. People may ask a very common question “What thickness plywood to use for kitchen cabinets?” There is an average size of the regular plywood that most of the modular kitchen constructors apply.

To handle heavily weighted cabinets, the thickness should be around half an inch. However, in other cases, 1/4th inches is sufficient to give shape to long-lasting cabinets. It is advisable to go for the former size mainly for the drawers, backs, etc. On the other hand, for the bottoms of the drawers, you can opt for the latter size. Although rare, some customers prefer to have plain and simple front doors. In that case, the appropriate size is 3/8 inches. The sizes can thus vary depending on the requirements.

MDF can also be the choice of some dealers. However, the plywood cabinets are of higher quality than these materials. You can also check the acrylic modular kitchen cost nowadays. This is a new type and is in huge demand at the present time. The amazing style and variety of designs are just unparalleled.

Considerations For Modular Kitchen Choices

You must remember a few things while choosing the best product for your kitchen. We point out here some of the vital things in this regard.

  • Types of cabinets
  • Quality and grades of the plywood
  • Cabinet finishing
  • Smooth drawers and doors
  • Eco-friendly considerations
  • Customized features
  • Adequate number of cabinets
  • Sound quality hinges and latches
  • Impressive frames
  • Beautiful and attractive designs
  • Outer polish and color combination
  • Installation procedure
  • Customer service of the supplier

If you have satisfaction in all these criteria, then your selection becomes easier.

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The modular kitchen plays a pivotal role in utilizing your small space in the most fruitful manner. Moreover, designing the available place to make it highly productive is always in demand. The modern artisans are turning your small kitchens into a superb space, indeed. Proper designing and engineering will make more efficient spaces to carry out all the activities conveniently. The next thing to consider is which plywood is best for a modular kitchen. From the above discussion and detailed information, you will learn about the various types. Also, we have notified the reasons why you should go for the plywood for the kitchen cabinets over others.

There are multiple brands in this sector promising you to give the highest quality materials. But, you have to make the right choice depending upon the modular kitchen cabinet designs available. So, go for an outstanding look at your kitchen. Be it an existing one or the construction of a new kitchen, a modular kitchen will satisfy your needs greatly.

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