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Can we boil milk in the electric kettle? – A more detailed guide

Nowadays, every home has at least one electric kettle. Electric kettles have become a part of modern days living. We all want everything instant, and an electric kettle makes it so easy when we instantly wish to use/drink warm water. Not only this, but it also helps us to instantly prepare our favorite tea or coffee, soups, and many more things. So, if you can prepare so many things in a kettle, then a question must have come into your mind- “Can we boil milk in electric kettle?”

Well, in this article, you will get a detailed answer to this question. Here I will tell you whether you can boil milk in the electric kettle or not. And if not, then why? Further, I will also tell you if there are any possible ways to boil the milk in the electric kettle. Let’s get started.

Can We Boil Milk in Electric Kettle?

No, you should not boil milk in an electric kettle. That means you can boil milk in the electric kettle, but you shouldn’t. Here, you must be thinking, if you can boil water, prepare your favorite tea, or even boil eggs in an electric kettle, then why can’t you boil milk in it. The answer is simple- electric kettles are not made for boiling milk. They are simply made for boiling water. Boiling milk in the kettle may cause danger to your kettle.

Below are the possible risks that can happen due to boiling milk in the kettle:

  • Milk may spill out of the kettle: Milk is a mixture of water, fat protein. Due to this reason, it does not evaporate when. Then it spills out from your kettle and causes a lot of mess. The overflowed milk from the kettle goes inside the kettle’s electric base and can cause a short circuit that may ruin your kettle.
  • It can burn the kettle’s bottom surface: If you boil milk in the kettle, milk will get burned and leave residues that stick at its bottom surface. Further, if your kettle does not have a wide top opening, then these sticky traces will be difficult to remove. All the residue will stick inside the nook and crannies of your kettle, which overall affects your kettle’s functionality.
  • Foul taste & smell: The milk which gets burnt due to boiling in the kettle leaves a foul smell in both kettle and milk. Not only this, but it also spoils the taste and flavor of your other drinks.
  • The auto-cut feature won’t stop milk from getting burned: Kettles comes with the auto-cut feature, which means when the water reaches its maximum boiling point, the kettle will automatically shut down. It prevents your kettle from getting damaged. But when you boil milk in the electric kettle, the milk will still overflow from the kettle and burn milk even after the kettle automatically shuts off.

How to Boil Milk in an Electric Kettle?

It is not advisable to boil milk in an electric kettle unless your kettle is specially made to do so. Still, if you want to do it or aren’t left with an option other than boiling it in your normal electric kettle, then you can try the following methods to boil milk in your electric kettle without giving much damage to your kettle :

  • Method 1: Firstly, mix a little amount of water in the milk. Put the mixture in the kettle and turn on the kettle. This method will prevent your milk from getting burned and causing foul-smelling. Secondly, do not put the lid on so that you can keep an eye on milk and turn the kettle off as soon as the milk is about to flow out from the kettle. If you put on the lid, it will create pressure, and milk will spill out of the kettle and may cause damage to your kettle.
  • Method 2: Another method that you can try is the indirect heating of milk. Firstly, you have to put some water in the kettle. Then take a steel glass and put milk into the glass. Now you have to place the glass full of milk inside the kettle. This method will help you quickly boil milk in your electric kettle without burning or leaving any residues behind.


Which are the best electric kettles for boiling milk?

After doing extensive research and testing, I found the following electric kettles which can be best suited for boiling milk: 

How to clean the burned kettle due to boiling milk into it?

Well, the best way of cleaning an electric kettle is by leaving water and detergent mixed into it for 10-15 min. Then scrub the surface and sides of the kettle. And you will get a clean kettle again.

In this informative guide on “Can we boil milk in electric kettle,” I have tried my best to give you as much detailed answer as possible to this question. I hope this guide has helped you know why you shouldn’t boil milk in your electric kettle. And if you still wish to boil milk in your electric kettle, then what are the different ways to do it. These ways will definitely help you to boil milk in your normal kettle without damaging it.

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