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The Best Copper Plates for Eating Food in India (2022)

Some metal has too many medicinal and healing benefits which nobody can deny. Copper is also one such metal with too many medicinal properties. That’s why it has been a part of the Indian kitchen since ancient times. If you are looking forward to switching over to copper utensils from any modern type of utensil, this article is for you. Here we will tell you the best and most budget-friendly copper plates for eating or serving Indian food :

Best Copper Plates for Eating Indian Food

SHIV SHAKTI ARTS handmade pure set of 5 copper plate for dinnerware

SHIV SHAKTI ARTS Handmade Pure Set of 5 Copper Thali Plate for Dinnerware Purpose

Key features

  • Set of 5 copper plates
  • 540 Grams per plate weight
  • Antique design
  • Round shape

Prisha India Craft copper dinner set, plate, serveware, and dinnerware, diameter 13 inches, set of 2

Prisha India Craft Copper Hammered Dinner Set Thali Plate, Serveware and Dinnerware

Key features 

  • These are pure copper plates
  • The weight of each plate is approximately 550 gm
  • With this set, you will also get one copper cleaning powder to clean copper plates
  • Traditional & elegant look plates

IndianArtVilla steel copper hammered design dinner plate, dinnerware & tableware

IndianArtVilla Steel Copper Hammered Design Dinner Plate Thali, Dinnerware

Key features 

  • Round-shaped plates
  • Good quality pure copper plate
  • Elegant and attractive design
  • Weight is approximately 1180 grams
  • Avoid dishwasher and use pitambari or copper cleaning powder to clean plates

Bona Fide pure copper dinner plate, outside copper inside steel, round thali, diameter 13 inches, heavy, hand made, hammered good for eating food, complete dinner thaali

Bona Fide Pure Copper Dinner Plate,Outside Copper Inside Steel Round thali Diameter 13 inch Heavy ,Hand Made ,Hammered Good for Serving and Eating Food

Key features

  • Outside pure copper and inside stainless steel material used
  • Round shaped plates
  • Elegant in look
  • Good for serving Indian food

Kirti Textile and Handicraft steel copper dinner plate thali, dinnerware, tableware, 13″ inch

Kirti Textile and Handicraft Steel Copper Dinner Plate Thali, Dinnerware & Tableware

Key features

  • Steel & copper material used
  • Weight is approximately 1180 grams each plate
  • Budget-friendly
  • Avoid dishwasher & use pitambari powder to clean

KBB pure copper dessert set, etchin plate (5pcs set)

KBB Pure Copper Dessert Set with ETCHIN Plate(5PCS Set)

Key features

  • Pure copper plates for eating & serving Indian food
  • Total 5 copper pieces- 1 copper plate & 4 small-sized copper bowls(Katori)
  • Round-shaped plate & bowls
  • Perfect for gifting your loved ones
  • Elegant & traditional look
  • Clean using pitambari powder

SHIV SHAKTI ARTS handmade pure copper plate dish embossed design round shape dinner plate diameter 30.5 cm

SHIV SHAKTI ARTS Handmade Pure Copper Plate/Thali Dish Embossed Design Round Shape Dinner Plate

Key features

  •  Pure copper plate with embossed design
  • The weight of the plate is 480 grams approximately
  • Use copper cleaning powder to clean the copperware
  • Round shaped

IndianArtVilla oval steel copper platter plate with serving spoon, serve ware, 800 ml

IndianArtVilla Oval Steel Copper Platter Plate with Serving Spoon, Serve Ware Tableware, 800 ML

Key features 

  • Steel & copper material used 
  • Elegant look 
  • Oval shaped copper plates 
  • The weight of the plate is approximately 395 grams 
  • Total 2 pieces- 1 plate & 1 spoon

Utensils junction pure copper Indian style hammered dinner thali

Utensils Junction Pure Copper Traditional Indian Style Hammered Dinner THALI

Key features

  • Pure copper plate
  • Use pitambari powder to clean
  • Large in size
  • Perfect to Indian families
  • Budget-friendly

Amrpali Traders India Craft steel copper dinner thali plate, dinnerware set of 3

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Key features

  • Three copper plates set. 
  • Steel & copper material used in the plates 
  • The weight of each plate is nearly 1180 grams. 
  • Avoid using a regular dishwasher to clean these plates. Instead, use pitambari powder to clean copperware. 
  • Round shaped plates 
  • Perfect for Indian dining.

Health Benefits of Using Copper Utensils

Copper plates for eating

Copper is one of the most valuable metals with too many health benefits. It is the must-required metal for the brain’s proper functioning, heart, liver, kidneys, and skeletal muscle. Water stored in copper utensils is considered the most beneficial water as copper helps keep the water free from microorganisms, fungi, and algae. Also, drinking water in copper utensils improves the digestive system, weight loss, beats arthritis, heals wounds faster, boosts the immune system, and many more. Copper is considered to be the primary element to produce melamine in the human body.

Precautionary Tips You Should Take While Using Copper Utensils/ Vessels

Copper Utensils or Copper Vessels

Copper is highly reactive, and that’s why it requires proper care and maintenance while dealing with it. Following are the care tips : 

  • Use pitambari cleaning powder to clean your steel, brass & copper utensils. This cleaning powder is completely safe & gentle on the hands. 
  • Avoid using dishwashers or any other detergent to clean your copper utensils. It can cause damage to your copper utensils. 
  • Avoid using scratchy cleaners on your copper utensils. 
  • Avoid storing sour food like yogurt, pickle in your copper utensils. 
  • Avoid storing drinks like milk, citrus juice, etc., into your copper container/ vessel.


This was all about copper plates for eating & why you should use copper utensils in day-to-day life. All the above-mentioned copper plates are highly recommended, budget-friendly, and available online on the Amazon India website. Copper is a highly reactive metal due to which it oxidizes quickly, and that’s why you need to use it with proper care. That’s why we have mentioned some precautionary tips; hopefully, these tips will help you to deal with the reactive nature of copper and to maintain the shine of your copper utensils for a long time.

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